Elizabeth is an NYU-trained theatre artist: performer, designer, movement director, and producer. In addition to performing on stage and screen, she hosts trivia and interactive murder mystery dinners, creates immersive burlesque extravaganzas, and provides event entertainment of all kinds. She also runs several workshops, available for booking online or in person.


Formerly the director of performance programming for Shag Playhouse, a performing company in residence at Shag, a woman-owned community center, art gallery, sexy boutique, and event space in Brooklyn, Elizabeth is currently in Residence with Torn Out Theater  working on a fairy tale adaptation, tentatively titled Danced to Pieces.


Elizabeth is a voracious reader, an activist, and a damned fine vegan cook. She delights in performances that let her switch characters at the drop of a hat. Her other interests include spending time with her gorgeous, brindle cat, contact improv jams, re-reading Spinoza, sipping Irish whiskey, television shows about space, and one day playing Auntie Mame.







Recent & Upcoming


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Performance art in development: untitled movement/dance piece on women's bodies in public spaces & 133 Responses to Street Harassment. Both at Ripped Up new works lab.


My friend Alix's short Mami is ready to view! I contributed some tiny bits of voiceover, but it's an awesome work. Please watch!


Recently served surreal popcorn at Radiohole's Now Serving.


Shot several commercial spots for Natori - playing on taxi tv!


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