Elizabeth is an NYU-trained theatre artist: performer, designer, and producer.


In addition to performing on stage and screen, she hosts trivia and interactive murder mystery dinners, creates immersive burlesque extravaganzas, and provides event entertainment of all kinds.


In 2016, she founded Shag Playhouse, a performing company in residence at Shag...A Sexy Shop, a boutique and arts and events space in Brooklyn.


Elizabeth is a voracious reader, an activist, and a damned fine cook. Her other interests include spending time with her gorgeous, brindle cat, contact improv jams, re-reading Spinoza, sipping Irish whiskey, television shows about space, and one day playing Auntie Mame.







Recent & Upcoming


Shag Playhouse performed at Brokenland Bar in Greenpoint to raise funds for Planned Parenthood!


Wrapped filming on a guest spot for Fear: The Series!


Elizabeth & the Shag Playhouse Ensemble performed atop Semi-Trucks in a custom performance for Biker Games!


Cameo in Radiohole's Tarzana at the Performing Garage. (Thank you for having me, Radiohole!)


Elizabeth created an original piece of performance art at Amos Eno Gallery in Bushwick as part of the month-long show "The Hand Inventory" by Gwen Shockey.


Wrapped filming on the third and final season of We Might Be Superheroes. Stay tuned for the finale to go live. Elizabeth also has an exciting new web series project in the works! It's in pre-production, but look out for updates.







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